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Save The Date

In 2018 the Irish dairy industry continues on its upward trajectory. Both farmers and the processing sector continue on an investment journey. Recent announcements by many of the co-ops in milk processing and feed mills show the growth in the capacity required and the spin-off into rural Ireland in downstream jobs. Many dairy farmers particularly those in the east of the country, where the majority of dairy cows are, have experienced extremes of weather like never before.

At Dairy Day 2018 on Tuesday 20 November in Punchestown Event Centre we plan to discuss real answers to the questions farmers are asking both inside and outside the farm gate. Is there a real problem with producing enough feed in Ireland? Is an antibiotic-free dairy farm fact or fiction? What skills can reduce labour during the critical spring calving period? How can milk processors add real value to Irish milk to achieve the premiums our unique Irish product deserves?

Notwithstanding the very difficult weather many dairy farmers will have experienced, we are lucky our co-operative ownership structure has been able to deliver a relatively good milk price in 2017 and 2018. Yes, however it is slightly lower than some of our main exporting competitors, and that also deserves attention and scrutiny. On the plus side, new initiatives by co-operatives, the release of the quota handbrake and new technology at farm level has helped young farmers develop. Without our service sectors, farmers would struggle significantly. The growing service sector form the back-up service our dairy industry needs and we hope to have the best companies working in that area present at Punchestown.

Farmers who want answers to real questions, demonstrations on key skills, discussion on the future challenges and opportunities will be present to share our platform on solutions for a growing sector in November.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Justin McCarthy

Justin McCarthy

Editor & CEO at Irish Farmers Journal


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