Jack Kennedy, Deputy Editor will host this stage of National & International speakers

Theme – Adding Value to milk;

The Irish dairy industry is vibrant, growing and looking for new opportunities. Where is the future for added value in the dairy chain? What milk prices can farmers expect in 5 and 10 years time?  

Session 1: 9.30 to 10.30

Understanding milk and making the most of it

Moderator: Amii McKeever, Editor, Irish Country Living

  • Orla Walsh, Self employed Dietitian – The value of dairy – debunking the myths on dairy free diets.
  • Teddy Cashman, Dairy farmer and Chairman of the NDC – How can dairy farmers meet the challenges of a fast changing consumer?

Session 2: 10.30 to 12.00

Adding value to dairy – using international best practice to map the right direction for Irish dairy companies

Moderator: Jack Kennedy, Irish Farmers Journal

  • Eoin Lowry, Agribusiness Editor and Deputy Editor, Irish Farmers Journal – The Irish dairy Industry overview – What Irish companies are adding value?
  • James Caffyn, GIRA Market intelligence – what global dairy companies are adding value to dairy product successfully and returning better milk prices to farmers?
  • Roisin Hennerty, CEO Ornua Foods Americas and Global Marketing Director – The US market a perspective
  • Padraig Brennan – Director of Markets with Bord Bia, Dairy growth anticipated in Chinese/Asian market?

Session 3: 12.00 to 1.30

Understanding how dairy trade works and what is the milk price outlook on key dairy commodities for the next 12 months?

  • Jack Kennedy to interview US dairy farmer – Llyod Holterman, Wisconsin, US

Moderator: Lorcan Allen, Irish Farmers Journal

  • Rik Loeters, Director, Trigona Dairy Trade, Netherlands
  • Lucas Fuess, Director, Market Intelligence Higher Ground Chicago, US


Session 4: 1.30 to 3pm

Climate change and the Environment – what are the challenges and solutions for a growing dairy sector?

Introduction to session

  • VIDEO: John Fitzgerald, Chairperson Climate Change Advisory Council; ESRI and Trinity College Dublin

Moderator: Thomas Hubert, Irish Farmers Journal

  • Noel Meehan – Teagasc, What’s happening with the Teagasc and the Dairy Sustainability Ireland initiative on managing nutrients from dairy farmers?
  • Ciaran Fitzgerald – Food Economist, With over 30 year experience in the food industry – what are the facts on climate change and the dairy food chain?
  • John Muldowney, Department of Agriculture, Climate change and Bioenergy policy Division – key challenges and solutions to the climate change limits and targets on farming.