Geoline Ltd

Geoline Ltd are a specialist HDPE Lining Company, operating in the Environmental Protection Sector.

HDPE Lined Slurry Lagoons are fully grant approved under the TAMS II Grant Scheme for new build slurry lagoons only.

All Lined Slurry Lagoon installed by Geoline are fully approved by the Department of Agriculture and by County Council Planning Departments.


Advantages of HDPE Lined Slurry Lagoons:

Conform to Department of Agriculture Specification S126.

Guaranteed for 30 year plus and Grant Approved under TAMS II

Extremely easily Agitated & Mixed

More cost effective than other alternative storage methods

Fits any size excavation, Chemical Resistant, Rodent Proof, UV (sunlight) resistant.


For further information contact Pat Browne  (087 2325982) or Ann Tracey (086 6090355)