Mineral & Water System Experts


TERRA NutriTECH works with progressive farmers to improve animal health. Our proven system, the OPIS controller accurately injects minerals to the water system on farms. It is quick and simple to adjust dosage settings and farmers can access key farm metrics such as water consumption, minerals used etc from a smartphone or tablet.

Benefits include: Improved fertility, reduced milk fevers, reduced mastitis, reduced grass tetany, reduced labour and easier calving.

These combine to result in more profit for you.

We Innovate, We Automate, We improve animal health


TERRA SERVICES design, supply and install water systems to meet all farm requirements both field and yard. We use the most advanced technology to install pipework, joints and full flow ballcocks with minimal disruption to land and livestock. TERRA SERVICES will evaluate and analyse your existing water supply before designing a system to service both your present and future needs.

It’s our business to make the business of farming easier.


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