Ulster Bank

At Ulster Bank we are passionate about helping farmers make their businesses a success.  We recognise the importance of agriculture to the economic and social fabric of the country.  It is a core part of our business.  At Ulster Bank, we have skilled managers who understand farming and the agri-food sector and are committed to supporting both individuals and enterprises from farmyards to boardrooms in a focused, structured and strategic manner.  We take a long-term view of agricultural landscape recognising the inherent volatility in farming and the efficiencies required to prosper.


The increased volatility evident in the agriculture sector due to weather, price or unexpected individual on-farm challenges is a reality that the sector must learn to manage.  Farmers must continue to improve on-farm efficiencies and competitiveness to survive the income cycles.  The production and utilisation of grazed grass on livestock farms drives efficiency.  Furthermore, farmers should analyse their costs of production, compare them to those of their peers and adopt best technologies, particularly investments in grazing infrastructure, drainage, reseeding and soil fertility.  Ulster Bank believes that all farmers need to continue to develop a broad range of skills.  Greater understanding of technical efficiency, people management and business skills are required to successfully develop farming operations in this increasingly uncertain environment.


In Ulster Bank we have a clear ambition to become the number one bank for customer service, trust and advocacy by 2020.  Our business strategy supports this ambition, with a culture centred on being responsible and sustainable in our activities and engagement with customers and colleagues.  Ulster Bank is proud to be a key partner for the Irish Farmers Journal Dairy Day 2018.


Ulster Bank offers farmers practical solutions to deal with the stresses and strains and everyday practicalities of modern day farming.   Whether you are looking to grow your business or just starting out, talk to the Ulster Bank Agri Team today.