Calor Gas – Offering Sustainable Energy Solutions for Irish Dairy Farmers


Irish energy supplier Calor has a long relationship with the agriculture community as a provider of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) powered, sustainable and intuitive energy solutions. Calor energy advisors work directly with dairy farmers to design water heating systems that reduce costs and work for their farm enterprise.


The Calor water heating system is unique as it supplies hot water at up to a temperature of 85°C instantaneously and therefore has the capability to effectively deliver the large quantities of hot water which are required each day to wash milk lines and bulk milk storage tanks. The achievable temperatures of the system also minimises the need for chemical detergent to be used on dairy farms.

The Calor solution also delivers in terms of environmental sustainability. As water is heated only when required, hot water storage costs are eliminated. The ‘Rinnai’ water heaters which are integral to the solution are unique in that the equipment is ‘A rated’ for efficiency and offers therefore a system which is future-proofed to meet the demands of new legislation in terms of equipment specification.


Also, as farmers aim to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint on their farms, an added benefit is that LPG is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available, producing far lower carbon emissions than oil, coal, peat and even electricity. This year also sees the introduction of BioLPG a new 100% renewable form of LPG which will enable rural enterprises to meet their energy needs from a completely renewable source and make a simple transition to a sustainable energy solution. BioLPG is identical in use and performance to conventional LPG and is delivered, stored and used in exactly the same way so there is limited requirements for any infrastructure investment in order to use it.


More information is available at including independent stories from some of Ireland’s dairy farmers who have experienced the system.