Finance Ireland

Finance Ireland is Ireland’s largest non-bank lender, specialising in motor finance, SME leasing, agri finance and commercial mortgages.


MilkFlex is an award-winning loan scheme designed to provide Irish dairy milk suppliers in the Republic of Ireland with an innovative loan product that helps protect farm incomes from the impact of dairy market volatility, seasonality and the impact of a disease outbreak.


This innovative loan features inbuilt flex triggers that can adjust the repayment terms in line with movements in milk price and disease outbreak, providing farmers with cash flow relief when most needed.


The loan is available to finance investment in productive dairy farm assets such as dairy stock, milking parlours, animal housing, environmental protection, milking robots, land drainage, reseeding, farm roadways and working capital.


Loan amounts are available between €25,000 and €300,000 with no asset security required for a term of 8 years which can extend to 10 years if flex triggers are used.


Loan repayments reflect the seasonal milk supply curve and are deducted automatically by the participating co-op from milk receipts in the months of April – November inclusive with no repayments in the months of December – March inclusive.


Finance Ireland Credit Solutions DAC trading as Finance Ireland Leasing, Finance Ireland Commercial Mortgages and Finance Ireland Agri is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.