Pinergy are an Irish owned smart energy company & electricity supplier which was launched in 2013.  They supply over 35,000 homes, businesses and farms with electricity. But unlike other energy providers, Pinergy aim to reduce your overall energy consumption and costs. Every customer is provided with a smart meter. This smart meter delivers up to the minute data on energy usage which rules out the need to have estimated electricity bills. The smart meter can be set to show where energy is being used and when it is being used the most. With this knowledge farmers can make behavioural changes on their energy usage. For farmers the information from the smart meter is fed to an online agri portal (called Smart Manager) and provides updates every 30 minutes. On dairy farms for example the smart meter will typically show the highest consumption during and after milking when the machine itself is working and the cooler is engaged. Detailed graphs give farmers a greater insight about how energy is used on the farm. They can also provide warnings of reduced power supply before a power outage happens enabling farmers to make provisions before issues arise.

Pinergy can provide its customers with in depth analysis of their energy usage and provide bespoke advice on ways to reduce energy usage. Smart Meters enable more flexible tariffs giving farmers more flexibility. Some farmers can also look to reduce energy costs by investing in the right equipment such as solar power or wind energy. Pinergy also see that there will be demand for a carbon equivalent of ‘farmgate to fork’ type traceability is emerging as the impact of carbon is seen on global warming. Farmers and processors may be required to prove their sustainability credentials and demonstrate a reduction in carbon burned in the delivery of their product in the future. Pinergy can provide details of the Farm’s carbon footprint when on energy supply.