Agrinet HerdApp

Agrinet has been making leading farm management software for 20 years and have recently launched HerdApp. HerdApp puts all of Agrinets knowledge of compliance, registration and reporting and puts it on your phone in a simple app.
HerdApp is the class leading compliance and registration app that really excels at management reporting. It easily tells you what needs to be done now on your farm: cows due to calve, calves to register, cows to preg test, high SCC cows and lots more. Data syncs with the ICBF database so all your animal history is already there and all new info, like milk recording data, syncs automatically. Add that to scanning barcodes and simple drug recording and you have a really powerful app for managing your herd.
Agrinet are well know for their excellent grass, herd management and Cashminder software as well as their top class support service.